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Thread: Need The Following Movies...

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    can someone provide me with the hashes of the following movies?

    heavenly creatures
    the transporter
    johnny english
    darknes falls
    basic instinct [uncensored]
    true lies
    get shorty
    out of sight
    true romance
    as good as it gets
    tears of the sun
    the good, the bad, and the ugly
    Corps corps (french movie)
    malena [uncensored] [the movie available on kazaa is 92 minutes, the uncensored one is about 10-15 minutes longer]

    also, which version of Fight Club is better, the 527290kb or the 635366kb?

    any and all help is evry very appreciated.

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    ok..found a couple..i didn't know bitzi had sig2dat links too

    anyway, still need confirmation though, but here goes

    johnny english [713668kb]
    darknes falls [717744kb]

    both are dvd rips.

    sorry, i don't know how to make hash link ..if someone could show me how

    also, as good as it gets is 619.2 mb, but i couldn't find a sig2dat link


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