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Thread: Unsure Of What I Got

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    i down loaded a norton keygen and i got something. i keep gettong windows update notices ready to be installed. the little globe on the taskbar. it will keep poping up and soon there is many globes across the bottom of the screen. when you try to click on it they disappear. i tried to use my norton 2003 after thihs happened but now it wont respond in any way, form the desktop or even from the program files. it opens for 1 second then closes. the file that i downloaded i deleted but then it wouldn't remove from the recycle bin. i restored to a few days earlier and now its gone.can someone tell me what that was, even after i restored my norton will ony scan about 600 files then close up with no effect.

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    Do an online scan @symantec, trend micro or panda. Sounds like virus or trojan.


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