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Thread: Which process creates the best looking video files?

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    I like to record and post tv shows onto usenet sometimes and I'm wondering what is the best way to make the cleanest looking video file? Right now I"m using a usb tv tuner card and I use the video capture software that came with it. It's a pinnacle HD pro stick by the way.

    When I record a show, it doesn't look as good or as clean as some of the shows that I download off of usenet. I record the video at the highest quality setting but it still doesn't look great. Is there a better video capture program or a better process to use? I know the usb tuner works really well because when you watch over-the-air hd channels on it they look amazing so it's the recording process that's giving me the problems. I don't have HD tv but some of the rips of shows that aren't recorded on HDtv either that are posted on usenet are definitely superior to mine and are even a smaller size data wise. I edit and encode my vid files with virtual dub and in order to get them to look their best, I have to make a 44 min video file about 500mb using the "2 cpu" divx format on v-dub. My files are grainier and not as sharp as some of the most well done rips that you'll find on usenet. They still look pretty decent but I just want to know how to make them look as good as possible. What process is used, what are the best devices to record with and the best programs to use. Any info would be really appreciated.
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