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Thread: Hardware Temps

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    Lately we've been having quite a hot streak weather wise and I've noticed my comp seems to be putting out a good amount of quite hot air especially from my PSU (Corsair HX520W). Here are what everest is reporting, does everything look safe to you guys?

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    Looks pretty normal to me.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Slightly higher than I'd like, at idle, but nothing to worry about.

    My current core temps are 31C and 34C with GPU at 56C, and hard drives at 28C and 31C. Ambient temp is about 20C.

    You could try cleaning the heatsink and fans with an air duster (remember to block the fans first) but other than that I'd leave it pretty much alone.
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    Cool, thanks guys. I will give it a good spray out with some "dust off".

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    Your temps are not too bad. Of course I'm not sure how high they are going under full load.

    Here are mine. It does depend a lot on room temp and on airflow in your case etc...

    Make sure your cables are nicely wrapped and out of the way of fans. My GPU temp is vey high on this GTX 8800, I'm still waiting for my GTX 280 OCX to get back from RMA.
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