New firmware out for the dsi in certain regions. Most notable new feature blocking of flashcarts.

Quote from Opium

"Nintendo has just released DSi firmware 1.4 which adds Facebook photo uploads, a faster camera and blocks flashcards. We'd suggest if you value using flashcards with your DSi you don't update.

Nintendo has signaled what we always suspected would be the case; they intend to start an arms race with flashcard makers and block their new DSi compatible cards with firmware updates. Now it's time to see how the flashcard makers respond. Some flashcards like the M3i Zero and Supercard DSONEi have updatable firmwares that potentially could save them from being blocked if the flashcard makers find a suitable workaround. Others like the iTouch2 can not be updated at all and will be useless on a DSi with firmware 1.4 and above. For now at least, DSi enhanced games don't require a certain firmware in order to be run.

The update is confirmed to be live in Europe, Japan and Australia so far."

Lets see how long to North American release ??