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Thread: WGA problem

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    i have just downloaded the latest updates from microsoft, now i have the wga nagging me that i dont have a genuine copy of windows xp.

    is there a new fix out to bypass this, i did search but i did not find anything that worked.

    also i do have a genuine copy of windows i just stopped using it cause despite having a genuine code i still got the wga nagging me it was not genuine when it was so i now just use downloaded copy of windows.

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    There's an old fix that still works fine.

    You could look for GenuineWindowsPatcher, it's a zip file containing wga-fix.exe, keyfinder.exe, MGADiag.exe and an image showing what they do.

    Keyfinder can tell you what your current key is, and allow you to change it.
    MGADiag is a Microsoft tool which tells you if your version is genuine.
    Wga-fix prevents Microsoft's WGA detection software from calling Microsoft and makes it think that the version you've got is genuine.

    If you use keyfinder and enter your genuine key it may make Microsoft aware that your copy is genuine. You can check it immediately using MGADiag.
    If not, wga-fix will fool Microsoft's wga software.

    Do NOT bother with the other versions of a program called wga-fix that are floating around, I believe the latest is version - they are temporary fixes which will fail as soon as Microsoft releases a new version of it's wga software.

    This post is for informational purposes only. Remember, you should always use genuine versions of all software products.
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    hi lynx many thanks for your help, i followed what you said and i ahve now manage to get rid of the wga nagging me. many thanks matey


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