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Thread: bitmetv invites appreciated

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    I had a bitmetv account, apparently it was inactive for a while when i got my new computer. I had an average of 3ish and was a good seeder all the time.

    I would appreciate an invite, if u already have a bitmetv then u can lookup the user with the same name.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Are there any mods from bitmetv out here who can help me with this. I dont see anyway of reaching the mods etc
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    Go to their irc channel and try to get it reactivated

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    If you have an Bitme account, go to the IRC section.
    when It comes up...Click on the list of channels, bitmetv should be one of them.

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    Oh cool.. thanks a lot, was not aware that bitme and bitmetv are related. I have decent ratios on both. Thanks.. will give it a try

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    If your ip is in black list i don't think that you can make another acc. To join irc is the best way to rezolve your problem


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