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Thread: MusicVids

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    Can i get a invite to this site please? All i know is the site is called "Music Vids" with lots of music videos in HD........ Don't even know the url of the site......

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    in forum - you can get invite

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    Should I just kill myself? How am i suppose to signup for What.CD forums? Can't someone just invite me to MusicVids?

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    just kill yourself


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    Can't signup at What CD Forum...Can someone help? How am i suppose to signup there? Can't someone just invite me to MusicVids directly?

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    if u have bitgamer acc pm KrazyA1pha with your mail and will get you MV Good luck

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    KrazyA1pha won't take private messages or anything..what's his problem? KrazyA1pha..buddy..i don't even have a account or invite at bitgamer If you can invite me to MusicVideo... I would really appreciate it.... please...buddy.....

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    I Checked your history, in all the posts, the only words (i could find) were :
    "Can someone help me with a invite to this place please? "
    (MusicVid, BcG,SceneHD, RevTT, Ptp, Bit-HDTV, ...)
    Not sure that is the good way to get one invite, think about it !
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