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Thread: Album Requested Please: Enigma - Voyageur

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    Hey there, I like the group called Enigma, and I'm requesting for the full album of their new CD entitled Voyageur...

    I'm only asking for this album be posted here because I tried to search for it on Kazaa, (try it: enigma voyageur) and about 10 MILLION fakes came up, sure it has all the titles of the album, but it's all the SAME SONG, about 20 seconds of Enigma's song "Return to Innocence" then silence for 5 minutes... After a few hours of trying several DLs and searches, I gave up..

    I usually buy Enigma CDs anyways, but I'd also like to have a backup on my computer... Sure I could make my own MP3s of the CD once I get it, but it's no available here in Canada (at my location at least) just yet...

    So thanks in advance, I'd really appreciate it!

    regards... I can trade for it if that's what it takes... Thank you...

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    oops, my bad, delete this post please, I'll make another in the "requests" chain.. sorry, I'm never fully awake these days anymore..


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