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Thread: hd-torrents and donation

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    hd-torrents has signup by invitation or donation, so for 10 you get 30 days VIP.

    My question is what happens after that 30 days. Do you have to re-donate or can you stay as a normal member without donating anymore?


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    after your donation star does your userclass.
    You are demoted back to the userclass you originally held.

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    i think he is asking, If you pay to get in, you get VIP once the 30 days is up, do you get kicked off the site.

    I dont know the answer to that but it would be a bit silly if it was that way (tbh it silly that you can pay to get in but whatever)

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    don't know where
    you can stay as a normal member without donating
    also you will get
    Once You Have Donated Your Account Will Be Upgraded To V.I.P
    V.I.P access includes:

    A star
    Unlimited slots, doesn't matter what ratio you have
    Immunity for Auto Disable (for a low ratio)
    Immunity from Auto Warnings
    Clear of all Warnings
    Upload credit (1 = 7GB, so 10 you will get 70 GB upload)
    You can make requests.
    You can see tracker statistics.
    You can see TOP 10 statistics.
    Premium support from the Support team.

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    I give 10 euro to
    ı am waiting 4 hours they dont send me a message
    what happened ı dont understand...
    I hop my 10 euro its not gone!

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    Perhaps the midget they keep to constantly refresh their PP account is sick

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    So what I must do?

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    What in the world...Im an uploader there and I've never seen a rule saying you can donate to join 0_0

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    That makes it a public site for anyone with money. Is wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro267 View Post
    perhaps the midget they keep to constantly refresh their pp account is sick
    Last edited by whiteboy; 10-30-2009 at 05:08 PM.


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