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Thread: MVidBits Back Online!

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    Well you probably all saw the index.php explaining briefly what happened. Some guy called Dimz managed to hack the site and took down the whole server. Since then the site has gone through alot of coding hence even more downtime. We dropped users and made you all resign up as a security measure. Me and the staff have upped security alot now, and we\'ve also revamped the code again to make it more stable. The site in the next 2 days will be open not to 500 users but to 750 and all torrent free leech till we hit 1000. I would personally like to apologize for the downtime, and i hope you trust us in making the site more secure and better for its users.

    The site may be buggy but if you see a bug help and report it using the tickets.


    This will help us get the site more stable and better for you.

    Uploads are still needed ! So get uploading!

    Why not come and join us on IRC and discuss anything you like, you could make suggestions for the site, get to know our staff or just simply hang about and see what others are talking about.


    Ports - 6667 and for SSL +7000

    Channels - #mvidbits , #mvidbits-help , #mvidbits-pre (Scene Pre Channel), #mvidbits-invites (Tell your friends to come here when were invite only )


    LRG (Site SysOP)

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    Great! I'm gonna take a look.

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    Well were nearly at the 750 User Limit!

    Each user will be getting 3 invites.

    You are responsible for your invitees!

    If they cheat you and your whole invite tree will be banned.

    Users can also come to the #mvidbits-invites chan on the irc server and wait for an invite there will be a short interview and ratio proofs may be required.

    Invites will be open till 1250 users.

    We may open for signups occasionally.


    Site Staff


    Site shut, Invite only , invites are still avalaible on the irc!
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