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Thread: BD9 Quiery:.. This May Be A Silly Question But...

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    Re: Serenity 2005 1080p BD9 x264-DOWN

    These instructions were provided with this title...

    ""- For playback on ps3/bluray-player run mkv2bluray.bat and chose "B".

    This will convert the mkv to bluray and create an image that will play

    in the PS3 or a Bluray Player.""

    Just a daft question........... if i grab another x264 title, and re-name the filename to the same as this title,
    and run the .bat file that comes with THIS title, choose option "B".......
    will it give me a working iso image for PS3 / DVD player, the same way as it will for this title?

    Its just that not many groups, are prividing a .BAT file for easy conversion to something that can be played in BluRay standalone, Or PS3........ i just wondered about this easy workaround?


    If this is a REALLY stupid question, i appologise in advance!
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