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Thread: Virtualdub

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    VirtualDub 1.5.5 (experimental) released

    Softnews download
    Virtualdub website

    VirtualDub is a video capture and processing program. It features fast capturing, process files larger than the 2 gigabyte limit, optimized for linear editing, support for Motion-JPEG, MPEG-1 video and layer 3 audio, real-time and near-realtime video processing, video job queues, and much more.

    What's New in This Release:

    [features added]

    Partial Unicode support -- you can now open and save files using Unicode filenames.
    "Chroma smoother" video filter refilters point-sampled chroma with linear interpolation.
    Single-stream cut & paste. (Be patient....)
    Improved performance of AVI parser, particularly for
    Direct mode streaming.
    Improved performance of bicubic upsampler.
    Audio filter graph now shows intermediate audio formats on connections.
    Audio filters can now be plugins.
    New MPEG-1 video core (Meia) -- full vertical clipping. Horizontal clipping is still by macroblock.
    Rewrote display code -- DirectDraw support is now automatic.
    Log windows now have a context menu for clearing, copying, and saving the log text.
    Modified AVI2 indexing to relax indexing restrictions somewhat, although it's still not user configurable yet.

    [bugs fixed]

    Hex editor occasionally displayed the wrong data after a find or save command.
    "Attach extension" option didn't work for signpost save dialog.
    Fixed crash when I/O errors occur during a processing operation, and then occur again when attempting to gracefully finalize the partial output file.
    "Clear" didn't work in audio filter graph.
    Fixed I/O errors when attempting to push audio forward with advanced audio filtering enabled.
    "Go to" command didn't handle timestamps with fractional seconds that only had 1 or 2 decimal digits.
    "General convolution" generated bad code for factors of 2, 4, and 8 when dynamic compilation was enabled.
    Interleave periods of zero are no longer allowed.
    Added workaround for crash or hang when compressing with the "3ivx D4 4.0.4" video codec.
    Fixed non-interleaved save mode and made it cooperate with segmentation.
    Added workaround for heap corruption when processing audio in advanced mode sourced from some versions of Avisynth.
    Clarified DivX warning to note that it doesn't apply to the DivX 4+ codecs.
    Fixed filter cropping not working properly when "motion blur" was the first filter in the chain.

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    not only that ike but there is a new dvd2avi being written right now that solves the framedrop bug when you use source selection

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    VirtualDub 1.5.5 (experimental) released

    Softnews download
    Thanks IKE but i have a problem with Softnews ,i can't download anything ,or view a screenshoot,when i click on download button nothing happend ,any ideea why ?is some script or something.

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