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Thread: Fx 5200 Freezing

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    I am running an amd 1800 on a socket a m810 mobo with 364mb (or something round that) or ram and windows xp home

    I just got this new card and everything runs fine except for games (i only play counter-strike) While i am playing the game will simply freeze, the monitor will go off like its not getting any siginal, and the sound of the game will keep looping, I read somewhere that there may be a problem with direct x 9 and this card, but im sure there must be a fix somewhere......

    Could someone point me in teh right direction or offer some tips or advice on what to do to prevent this happening.

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    I got this card about 4 days ago and I downloaded the updated driver which has a fix do with some on Direct X9.

    Go here to get it

    I hope I helped

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    thanks for the input, i just got it yesterday and i installed them same drivers, however the thing hasnt happened today..................


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