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Thread: I download stuff, it doesn't extract.

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    Downloaded an xvid with alt.binz which is set to auto extract to a certain folder. After the download completed, the file never showed up so I opened the temp download folder. I found there was an nfo file and a few pars. Not knowing what to do I searched google and found quickpar. I opened the par2 files in quickpar and was presented with this:

    I don't know what I'm looking at, or how to repair this. Did I just waste 1.5Gb of bandwidth? How can I prevent this stuff? it keeps happening and is frustrating.

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    It may have download into a couple of folders. try searching your pc for the files name. Can you post the NZB you are referring to? I dont use that client, newsbin pro is the best by far.

    If all else fails, toggle the settings to manually extract the file. Hope this helped
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