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Thread: I wanna buy anti-virus - which is best?

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    So, what's the best anti-virus program to use – if you want to just buy it? So here's what we've found.

    •Cyberdefender – Great scanner that removes Trojans, spyware, but need upgrade to remove viruses, comes with 24/7 computer help. NASDAQ Company.

    •Norton 360 – Expensive, my experience with Norton was not so good, and it was slow. NASDAQ Company

    •Prevx – Good free scanner, cartoon look, only scans – need to buy to remove anything.

    •PC Tools – nice interface, private company so who knows how stable they are, but software is fully functional for free.

    •SuperAntiVirus – Corny name, but has 12 million users, but I found it a little slow.

    •AVG – popular for the free version but it only works 30 Days before you must buy, but we found it slow, and the paid version offers nothing additional.

    Most of 'em offer a paid version for about $29, except for AVG which is 34. Were thinking about the Cyberdefender, but we wanna knwo what anyone else is using and what they think.

    Which is the best free version of anti-virus software on the market?

    Who will offer the best protection? the best speed balance? Thanks for the help on this one.

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    None of those.

    ESET NOD32 is the best pay for.

    There are class act freeware one's though, that are just as good as the pay for ones...

    DO NOT buy Mcafee or Norton, they are the anit-christ to computers.

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    I use Avira Personal. freeware
    Free version has a popup everytime the scanner is updated but there is a way to hide/disable those.
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    i use KIs 9. its pertty good. download the trial ver and try it out

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    I have used several Anti virus programmes but find that Kaspersky is the best. Common for all of them is that eventhough they offer a free trial or scan, then you have to buy it to get value and protection.

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    If I was going to buy one it would be Avira first followed by Kaspersky.

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    I use Systamatec Corp, Seems like its not a huge resourse hog and catches most things. I have never actually paid for one but I had a good experience with AVG when it was free, seemed to update its database a lot.

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    Kaspersky or Eset are the only two I'd shell out for .

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    AVG free is still available, and works great for me atleast..
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    ESET NOD32 best in business

    ESET NOD32 is the best in the business. DO NOT GET Systimatec. IT IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!! and a nightmare to remove.
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