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Thread: Mount An Image

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    hello i was wondering why people mount images to burn them are there benifts gained from doing this??? i have always just clicked on the image in nero and it just burned and worked fine so am i doing it wrong or is either way ok???

    also do i burn game and program images,bins.etc at a certain speed like an svcd bin for example u burn at 24x


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    For a number of reason I suppose.

    If you mount an image then you can run the iso file as if it was a disk in your cd-rom.

    For instance if I wanted to mount an iso of office xp or 2003 and it was iso or .bin, I could mount the iso, run setup, and installed it without taking the time of burning the image to an actual disk.

    On one of my computers I dont have a dvd drive and I wanted to watch a movie I had downloaded from bittorent and I didnt want to watch it on my other boxes so I used daemon tools to mount the movie and it created a virtual dvd drive so I could watch it.

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