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Thread: MU/RS dvdR download question

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    I'm having trouble finding dvdr's or iso's that I can download instead of using torrents. I can find what I want easily on torrent sites but I just recently found warez sites and love the ease of use and how quickly they download. Problem is whenever I search for a movie all I can find is the movie file and not all the special features and things I can get on torrent sites. Am I just being a noob and not searching for the right term or what am I doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Usenet is much better for dvdrs. In fact there are way more dvdrs posted to usenet then on torrents. As for the extras, most releases do strip them to fit on dvd5s, and that's what most of the scene dvdr releases are, but there are a lot of dvd9s on usenet and usually they pop up for good movies.


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