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Thread: Under World And Jeepers Creepers

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    i got jeepers creepers 2 off of or irc or mirc (whatever its called) u need mpeg2 codec to play it files sizes are 796,245 for cd1 and 800523 for cd 2 under world is 571053 for cd1 and 801,476 for cd2 (better quality picture)
    i got some fil called mind hunters too not sure if its any good havent watched it yet but the quality is good, check imdb for more info

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    Underworld.. i heard that movie was f***ing awsome,
    what did u think?
    I gonna download it sometime.. or goto see it with a friend... or download anyways after i see it.

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    Underworld was a nice movie....

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    .....ike man!!! its terrible have u not seen blade??? it can be nice,no plot no film looks good but total shit..sorry mate thats just my view on the film,it sucks!!


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