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Thread: rssdler woes

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    Hey All,

    So I'm trying to configure rssdler to work with a couple of private trackers and I'm about ready to jump off a building...

    I generate a passkey for the site then copy and paste that passkey into the config.txt file in ~/.rssdler. I set my regex and limits, then test the config using rssdler -r.

    Rssdler goes out, pulls the feed, grabs the .torrent file I request and exits. When I check the torrent directory, the .torrent file is there. When I check wTorrent, the file shows up but I have the error "Invalid passkey".

    When I run the .torrent file through strings, the passkey is different than the one specified in the config.txt link URL.

    One of the sites I'm having issues with is One of the sites that works without a problem is

    Any ideas?

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    Anyone? I can't be the only person who's run into this...


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