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Thread: A Good Weapon Against...

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    ok, there is a good method you can stop appearing all the fucking dirty
    porns and sex files: JUST USE YOUR FILTER IN KAZAA. My Filter - Blocklist
    contains the following blocked words:

    .scr, .vbs, .jpg.exe, .jpg.vbs, .avi.exe, .avi.vbs, .mp3.exe, .mp3.vbs, -fulldownloader, 3-fulldwnloader, -full-downloader, -games-fulldownloader, divx-fulldownloader, 3-full-dwnloader-, -games-fulldownloader-, -games-fulldownload, pack-fully-download, .htm, .html, .url, .sys, .ini, .xml, .vbs, .js, .bat, .eml, .dbx, r@ygold, reelkiddimov, kiddie, underage, ddoggprn, child porn, incest, sex child, preteen, KaZaA lite (new), Privacy_tool, Kazaa Lite 1.7.2, KaZaA Lite Cheater, KaZaa Cheater, acelerator 125, speedup 3.6, kazaa skins 1.8, Kazaa Hack

    It helps you to keep potential viruses and some dirty - not funny and dangerous - stuff away - ... although sharing of thoughts openly is important - people are just humans - and when humans share thoughts openly - who knows what people think :) but ok first it is important to be opened really - but the real art is to be opened and not to hurt each other pyschologically :)


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    Imagine something...we've all got thoes words in filter list it's by default

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    yep. that is good :) if I have something by default I often normally did not recognize it... If everything is fine in your life for a moment you think your everydaylife is boring, but when you are ill you wish it back to normal :)

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    Originally posted by Atumn Fox@1 October 2003 - 18:20
    Imagine something...we've all got thoes words in filter list it's by default
    Not all of those keywords are in K-Lite by default ... thanx for the list of those that aren't


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