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Thread: Diskspace Watcher

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    Well, I was getting tired of my downloads failing when they're almost done because my hdd ran out of space(I only have a gig to spare and movie suck that up fast). So I whipped an app that pauses all downloads when diskspace drops below a set minimum. The code is not exactly beautiful and it needs MFC, but it does what it should and only took an hour to make. Plus some of this code may be of interest to potential developers(eg finding the kazaa window, sending events to it).

    The executable
    The source

    Use instructions: run it while KL is running, put in the values it asks for, and thats it. It will exit if it doesn't find Kazaa on its next cycle.

    PS This was made to be a quick-fix. Don't judge me by it.
    Hope this will be useful to someone.


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    Cool little proggy, a bit late as Im gonna buy a new HD soon but nonetheless very helpfull.

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    Oh, so a dl fails if you run out of discspace?

    When I was on my old 40gb hdd It almost happened, I caught it before I went to bed with 14mb left LOL :-)

    Have a bit more than that now, external holds over 208 cds worth :-)


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