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Thread: Kazaa Capture 2

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    i saw this program on the net Kazaa Capture 2 and i failed to utilise it.

    i am in need of a tunneling app and i thought of giving it a try but i cant get it to work.

    can somebody please let me know how this thing works?

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    still looking for help

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    ok i found something that works.

    it is from diet k. it's called DK Firewall Booster. It sets up a local proxy port and makes kazaa use it. better than http client and kazaa capture 2.. the latter didnt even let me me connect. what a crap program.

    i wonder for how long this DK Firewall Booster will be functional though. anybody who's using it together with kazaa lite k++ and experiencing probelms?

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    i have recommended it(dk firewall booster) to people in school but so far its either been very low speeds or a no go

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    that's scary coz right now im doing 35/40kb on a file. this is what i get usually for files with many sources. max i can go is 75/80kb. isp subscription gives me 128k shared bandwidth.

    lets see how it goes.

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    looks like a great program, downloading it now.

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    i'll give it ago l8r.. when i get back form college
    ice ice baby


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