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Thread: Which is the best seedbox for my needs (fast and unlimited) ?

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    I am new to this whole seedbox business so I don't really know which providers are good or not.
    What I am looking for is:

    *Fast speeds - 100mpbs dedicated or faster
    *TRULY unlimited transfers and speeds
    *Low price - €40/month (~$60/£35) or less

    What do you recommend? It is important that there are no limits at all.
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    ‡ On average you will receive more bandwidth than this. The actual bandwidth received will vary between the minimum and maximum depending on other users. Throttling or traffic-shaping is not employed.
    It says its not limited there...

    I had problems with google checkout so I went with, the speeds are ok but the torrent limits are a bitch =/. I may try out feral hosting later when I get google checkout sorted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rart View Post
    It says its not limited there...
    Yep, but after using the server for about two hours (!) the owner told me via IRC that he would limit me if I continued downloading/seeding at fast speeds.
    EDIT: Apparantly I misunderstood the owner, and I apologize if this has caused any trouble.

    They will limit you if you hog way too much bandwidth and/or server resources, but as long as you keep it at a reasonable level you'll be fine.
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    I am still looking for an alternative seedbox. In addition to the above requirements, I would prefer a box with µTorrent and where I can control it from my home PC.
    Are there any good providers/plans that fit my requirements? The reason why I want µTorrent is to be able to use an RSS feed and create torrents without going through too much hassle.

    Edit: The price is not fixed. It can go above €40/month, but if that's the case I want it to really be worth it.
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    Get a dedicated box from Kimsufi, if not thru a reseller. Outy's, epicservers, whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redguard View Post
    Get a dedicated box from Kimsufi
    Haven't they implemented the crappy 3TB limit yet?
    Epicservers pro box looks pretty good, but I can't find any information about "Outy". Is it some form of abbreviation?

    And if the above mentioned providers are resellers of Kimsufi boxes, won't they too be affected by the transfer limit?

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    Yes, they would be affected by the transfer limit as in they will have the same server as on the site. I don't know if OVH does any kind of special deal with them.

    Outy is an abbreviation, since the full name is censored on the site. Search google for 'out system pl'.

    Are you that worried about the 3 TB limit? I mean you will still have network access at 10 mbps which is still ok. I know I can barely make 1.5 TB/month traffic. Also it's still unclear if this will be so, since at first it was 1TB/month, then 3, in a week who knows? Besides, on the official page [the one that ends in .com] there isn't anything written about a traffic limit.
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    First it was 1TB/m but they changed offer after feedback at their forums.
    kimsufi.COM is only for French citizens and only they dont have traffic limit. kimsufi pl/uk/nl/it/es still has 3TB/m then cut to 10mbps

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    I'd be very careful of "outy" - there's a forum post about the bad service right now. There are many more customers that have had probs lately with his service (including myself). He even stopped coming here to help customers and post damage control. Be careful too cause alot of ovh resellers use him as a provider, so if he has problems, they have problems and then you have problems.

    Seems the EU choices are OVH, and leaseweb..I guess most Seedbox resellers run off OVH boxes, then (savvyseed, superseedbox) boxes. I don't know about LW..

    OVH: If you can deal with 3tb bandwidth, I would say contact Xirflux here. He resells OVH and can get you one. Great service too..He can setup your box with rTorrent and RtGui frontend which does what uTorrent GUI does and more..Then you won't have to emulate windows with wine..Or get a vanilla box from him and then just install Fluxbox, vnc or NX, wine and uTorrent using the tutorial on this forum..

    Or try of the box they run pretty good. You have to request uTorrent. but they seem to be the closest to what you said you wanted. They bill Unlim/Unlim and their service is excellent as well. I really liked my SB from these guys and will get another soon.

    SERVER.LU: is going through a weird time this week. 49eu for a pretty nice ds2000 box. They also have a reinstall/reboot console if you screw up your server. BUT! They just reset their servers this weekend and pretty much killed their network AFAIK..they aren't answering emails or tickets right now. Took out a couple of resellers I know who were pissed as well. Even tho' I lost my data this weekend, I love my box from them and will keep it..

    LW: has a sale on servers right now with a 4TB limit..39EU with no setup fee on 6 server types. BUT, you have prepay 3 months if your server is under 100eu a month..Never tried them. Heard they have great thruput outside of OVH..I'm sure somebody can give you the heads up. I'd like to get one, but don't want to prepay 3 mos..

    good luck!
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    Well, I'll go spammy for a second. There's also this epicservers that has the Kimsufi 1.2Ghz - 500GB resold at a good price. What I liked out of this/these guy/guys is that he updated his site as soon as Kimsufi did theirs.

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