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Thread: Best (and cheapest) dedicated server provider for torrent

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    I'm looking for the cheapest dedicated server provider. Although I don't mind VPN's, but they must have good harddisk space (+100gb)

    I'we heard about and, but I read on their forum that they will check for illegal torrent activity and cancel the subscription without a warning. Anybody have any experience with this?

    I'we also heard about They are not as cheap as OVH/Kimsufi, but are they any good?

    Any other server providers that you might recommend?

    Btw I'm posting this here, because I don't yet have priviliges to send in the SEEDBOX forum.


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    OVH must be lying because they rarely (if ever) cancel subscriptions for traffic activity on private trackers. They probably mean Mininova, Demonoid...those kind of trackers. You cannot use them with a seedbox.

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    Well these were some bold claims they said in their forum, regarding that they were kicking out all torrent activity, period. But I guess they changed their mind since so many people are using them.

    But you say you cant use demonoid, mininova etc. You mean that these sites are totaly blocked?

    Also I just found and they look promising. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    Its probably just for show. IE they say they wont allow it but wont actually do anything it about it, just to have a good image for the feds or whatever.

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    Yeah your probably right about that.

    After all, they must be getting a large sum of their income from torrent people like us
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamspy View Post
    But you say you cant use demonoid, mininova etc. You mean that these sites are totaly blocked?
    I don't know if they are blocked or not, but if they catch you using the seedbox on public trackers I can almost guarantee you that you will lose your account.
    AFAIK public trackers are not allowed on any seedboxes anywhere, period.


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