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Thread: Dario Argento

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    i am a big fan of dario argento's horror films and have seen amostly all of them now. I have the following
    sleepless - video
    the stendhal syndrome - dvd and video
    wax mask - video
    suspiria - dvd and video
    phenomena - dvd
    deep red - dvd
    phantom of the opera - video
    the church - video
    the sect - video
    trauma - video
    tenebrae - video
    I know there is more, and i know one of them is inferno, which i have seen and think is one of his best, but my favourite is sleepless.

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    anyone know of any dario argento horror movies? i particularly after inferno because it has got some really gory killings in it.

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    I am a huge Argento fan and Ive got all his movies except sleepless and the five days of milan. I hope to see card player soon!!! Pheneomena and Opera are my favourites.

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    yep i fan of Argento...

    I like Fulci more but Argento has dun sum gr8 movies

    my fav Argento movies



    The Chruch

    Deep Red

    Two Evil eyes

    Cat with nine lives

    + his daughter asia is hot as fuck 2

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    i forgot he did demons i got that one. wonder if he did sequel as well?, i got that as well, but both what i tape of tv. My favourite is sleepless, but i just love the killings in trauma. as metro says, asia sure is hot as hell too Got to love her in stendhal syndrome, sexy as hell in that.

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    well i downloaded SUSPIRIA, PHENOMENA and INFERNO so far off dc++, also got NEW YORK RIPPER and THE LIVING DEAD GIRL. still waiting on a few more to download. but all five i mention i have downloaded in the 48 hours, which sure is cool. i have found virtually all of argento's on it, even quite a few of lucio fulci too

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    ive herd of those movies but didnt know who did them are you guys sharing them on kazaa ?

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    @ Horror,

    what's this dc++ you are talking about? Is it another p2p program or what?

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    DC++ is very much like yahoo messanger

    sorry 4 the poor screenshot

    But diffrent Hubs for diffrent things... It's gr8 4 finding those rare horror movies...

    I Recommend every 1 to join the horror hub House of Evil --- It's the safest hub in the world as u have 2 reg - u have 2 share a 10gig min - u have 2 share - and they have sum sort of bot that can spot RIAA & MPAA...

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    Sep 2003
    i love dario argento's films too, but i think that his latest films sucks.
    his creative and horrorific way of direct has been dead with opera, the very last good film he made.
    Bye from italy

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