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Thread: Conexme: New File Sharing App

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    Hey Everyone,

    We just launched a free piece of software called Conexme at and need people to start using it and providing feedback and bugs.

    Conexme is a new way to connect computers together over the Internet:

    - Share files w/ friends & family
    - Access your files remotely
    - No size, quantity or rate limits
    - Quickly launch from anywhere
    - Works on Windows, OSX, & Ubuntu
    - Completely free

    You can use Conexme if you need to:

    - send or receive large files over the Internet.
    - send or receive large files over a network.
    - access your home and office files while away.
    - backup files from one computer to another.
    - find a transfer solution easier to use than FTP.
    - find a transfer solution not limited like email.

    You can watch a video on how to use Conexme here:

    Demo Video

    The help section will teach you step by step how to sign up, launch, and use Conexme:

    Help Section

    Enjoy Conexme and have fun!
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    Hey Everyone,

    The Conexme demo video is now available here:

    Demo Video!

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    Really useful little toy, I'll advertise it amongst my friends at school.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback and thanks for spreading the word. If you or your friends have any comments, suggestions, or problems (e.g bugs) feel free to post them here or in our forums and we'll get right on them.

    Thanks again and have fun!

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    Is this more of a direct download type program?

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    Yes, you connect and transfer directly with the other computers in your contact list.

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    Hey Everyone,

    The Conexme help section is now available here:

    Help Section


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