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Thread: Why Keep Sharing

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    I wrote it somewhere else, but now itīs here to everyone who could be afraid of sharing even outside the USA.

    At least in Mexico, you can share everything you download form the internet, itīs not a crime and you canīt be prosecuted, unless you make profit with what you download.

    Our counterparts on the USA are not safe, but itīs not only upt to them to keep this thing running, we may not have a lot of broadband connections, but we can keep sharing and not only us, but all the south america people who download from Klite.

    Since our judicial sistem is civil law based, the law should be more or less the same here in Mexico and south america, find out and letīs finish the fear of sharing outside the USA.

    Sharing outside will show the RIAA that we are not the main market, but theyīll feel it, losing at least a few millions, iīm not talking about cdīs made in Mexico, but the oneīs from the United States. I refuse to waste my money on a cd for just 1 song worth the effort, and weīll also support those guys in the USA who share.


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    We don't care about them losing money, we just want them to let us share our files we have with no problem.


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