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Thread: Sony Launches More Advanced Li-ion Batteries

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    Sony Launches More Advanced Li-ion Batteries
    By Marcus Yam, published on August 12, 2009 at 12:51 PM

    " 99 percent charge in 30 minutes. Impressive.

    Sony may not have the best reputation anymore for its lithium ion battery technology that left so many laptop users checking recall lists (and costing Sony quite a pretty penny) but the Japanese electronics company is still pushing ahead with new innovations.

    Now shipping from Sony is a new type of lithium ion secondary battery that uses olivine-type lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. And what's so special about this? As Sony describes:

    "The Olivine-type lithium iron phosphate used in this new battery is extremely suited for use as a cathode material due to its robust crystal structure and stable performance, even at high temperatures. By combining this new cathode material with Sony's proprietary particle design technology that minimizes electrical resistance to deliver high power output, and also leveraging the cell structure design technology Sony accrued developing its current "Fortelion series" lithium ion secondary battery line-up, Sony has realized a high power density of 1800W/kg and extended life span of approximately 2,000 charge-discharge cycles."

    Furthermore, these batteries can reach a 99 percent charged state after just 30 minutes of charging. Not only that, but even after 2,000 charge cycles, Sony estimates that these batteries will still hold 80 percent of their original capacity.

    Sadly, we won't be seeing this battery technology yet in out laptops and cell phones just yet. Sony said that these batteries will first be used in motor driven devices such as power tools, with application for mobile electronic devices later down the road. "


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    yes Sony that what you are suppose to do before target our laptops by your batteries. first use them in motor driven devices to be sure. if it destroyed these {{POWER}} Tools I don’t think my laptop would make it.

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    Great news from Sony


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