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Thread: What can somebody do with root access to a tracker?

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    Somebody just sold one for $200+ and given how fast it went(barely 10min) i'd say it probably wasn't a shitty site(and he wasn't telling which one).So just putting the word out in case any site had suspicions that they needed confirmed.
    That was weird!

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    Ok your post does not actually go with the title, not sure if you are asking a question, or warning us trackers.

    but i will answer the question.


    they can get the list of Members, Emails, IPs and sell them to the highest bidder.

    they could truncate the db, so wipe it clean.

    if they have access to the files, they can wipe all files/backups even the entire server. they could even download the files and sell the tracker (if it has unique mods).

    basically root access can do anything/everything they please.

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    one could keep humping ya forever.. till ya fade to black

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    Yeah, what stoi said.

    The person who has the db full of emails and other info could in turn resale the info to marketing companies or other things like that. A tracker owner who actually cares about his users would not sell it to anyone who offers the biggest chunk of change.

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