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Thread: Dietkaza... Kazaa Lite?

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    Hi there

    i would just ask to i have noticed that there has been a new realease of Dietk and i would like to know if it will work with my kazaa lite my version of kazaa lite is 2.4.2
    or kazaa media deskop (I dont got kazaa media deskop only lite dont worry )

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    Yes ,works and ROCKS!

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    THANKS sharedholder but...

    what is best

    kazaa media deskop with Dietk or KaZaA lite with Dietk? what should i choose i already have kazaa lite but what would be best?

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Its meant for KMD.

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    Livy's Avatar Simpleton
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    Mar 2003
    its meant fir both, not just kmd

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    KaZaA lite+ Dietk RULES!

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    that question does not even need to be asked klite ofcourse

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    dietk is made with kmd in its main job is to remove the adware contained in kmd.
    but it does work with klite and as sharedholder said it rocks!

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    What are the advantages of using DietK with K-Lite?

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    it has a cool accelerator and an ip buddy list.
    it has loads of other options as well.

    and just to get something straight,it not called diet k aza called dietk


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