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Thread: Can't send PM's to a specific member

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    I recieved a PM from Hk SHkR™, but when trying to reply, I get an error message saying the user cannot be found.
    I am assuming it has to do with the fuxxed up symbols and that the forum software can't handle it, but is there anything I can do to solve it?

    If not, why don't you impose restrictions for usable symbols?
    A-Z, 0-9 and perhaps a few special symbols like _ and ! should be more than enough.

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    We do have restrictions but they only take effect on new members. They were added less than 1 year ago; this member joined over 1 year ago.

    But for teh record I just successfully sent him a message so it's not a forum problem. Either you copied the name wrong or it could be your browser/os.

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    thanks for the info


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