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Thread: Can windows 7 be hacked flawlessly? (no maintenence)

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    I've seen all these posts on torrent sites of the newest cracks, then other stuff like rearming your OS, ect. ect. (I'm not huge on the technical know-how). New cracks are constantly coming out, and I remember once when I hosed my registry with a registry cleaner not compatible with vista (baddddddddddddd idea...) I kept on getting weird error messages that they thought my OS was pirated.

    The one thing I have never pirated is an OS. I have managed to get a cheap copy of vista off my cousin, and I always seemed to have preferred it because I could go online, pass whatever genuine checks for the latest software, always get updates when they come out on windows update. I don't wan't to have to constantly do random crap and work with cracks and other stuff just to keep my OS running.

    So my question is, is it possible to perfectly crack W7? So I don't have to constantly manage my OS, find new cracks, ect. ect just to keep it updated? Is there a simple one time crack I can use to keep windows thinking that it is a completely legit copy of windows so I can install/format, install updates, do whatever the fuck I want over and over again without finding painful workarounds online? Or is that too good to be true?

    Thanks for the help.

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    The FST group

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    But wasn't the key blacklisted?

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    I saw BIOS crack anywhere. u can use OEM product through BIOS crack. It can be dangerous, But really good. Never consistant patch, squeezing your head for solution. Search It. Search. you may have answer.


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