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Thread: Lossless trackers or sources

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    Hi all,

    I am usually using NGs for lossless music but the catalogue is a bit short over when it comes to foreign music like french or spanish, latino or a bit older albums.

    would you have any good recommendations for these?
    I know of what and waffles but they are damn difficult to join.

    What about demonoid? is it good for lossless music?

    other sources like blogs? RS, MU?

    thanks for your help!

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    Well the lossless trackers, in my opinion, are the best source since you know everything will be properly ripped. But they maybe a little difficult for you to get into.

    Besides them, Demonoid,, What, and Waffles are all good sources for lossless.

    You can also find it on warez forums like Warez-BB, Funkysouls, and a couple others I'm having a hard time remembering right now. You can also find .flac albums on Soulseek.

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    There's the odd flac album on forums but I can only find one dedicated one (see links below).

    There's tons on TPB and there's also a search engine <--- search engine <--- FLAC @ TPB <--- Forum
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    Thank you guys,

    yes I have been using torrents ru for some time now and they are pretty good. Very nice catalog in lossless, the best I found, you can complete discographies with lossy albums over there for almost any artist.

    flacshare is pretty much english music catalog.

    anyone could kindly send me an invite for demonoid?

    thanks again!

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    invitation code sent.
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    Maybe STMusic is good for you, hidalgo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyqwer View Post
    Maybe STMusic is good for you, hidalgo.
    ok thanks! Im¨ glad your first post was for me :-)

    would you have a invite code for STMusic?


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    There's a request section, ya know.
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    in your sWaRm

    don't tell anyone but their music is largely from so you won't be missing much

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    nice one Sez indeed


    other good sources:

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