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Thread: KG giveaway

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    Ihave 4 invitations to share with you guys

    2.3xratio proofs from hard seed trackers
    3.why u want it?


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    hmm no one wants?
    looking for bitme

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    Yes man, I just saw it, thanks for bumping.

    I'd like to get into KG, and I did since I "enter" this world of trackers
    and realize it is the best on old, classic, retro movies. And I want that stuff, I like that stuff. And I just don't wanna go back to Emule
    if there is a chance some of that stuff is on e2dk. I seed back what I leech, so you won't have problems with that.
    I leave you my proofs, feel free to ask anything or profiles if you want.
    Thanks for reading

    TL: my head tracker

    TB: just for packs and some well seeded torrents that I use just for not leave all the press to my TL account

    PTP: for some free movies

    Teh: also for FL

    Speedtest (2 just in case):

    As you notice my speedtest shows a bad connection so I ask my cousin to let my use his SB, so that makes me a buffer.
    And that's why I use almost only TL for download and the others for some good torrents and free (in order to make a buffer for later)
    Thanks again and whatever you decide is fine by me, of course
    Sorry for my English, it's not my mother language.

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