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    Hi All,

    I am looking for some help.

    Today I was banned from and branded a cheater. When I tried find out what I did on the mirc I was not given any info except that I use ratiomaster. Now I am banned from their MIRC channel as well.
    Firstly I don't use ratiomaster and I would not be going to this extent if I was guilty as I really enjoyed my account. My low ratio shows that I did not use ratiomaster and have upped many torrents to the community to try and help my ratio.
    The only reason I think that I may look like I am faking my ratio is 2 months ago I was able to get ADSL2 in my area (I live in Australia and we are behind the rest of the world with our internet speeds). So my uploads are now faster than before or than the original supplied speedtest that I did at my interview. I upgraded my internet from adsl to adsl2 (much better speeds now).
    I was hoping if anyone knew any way to contact to provide a new speed test and get given a chance to explain.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Assuming you are telling the truth,it could be cause of using an unstable/beta version of whatever torrent client you are using.Those to me are a complete no no.Otherwise you got a tough one here coz boasts one of the best tracker technologies out there that i would think they barely go wrong with issues as serious as ratio cheating.

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    I am using utorrent 1.8.3 and I was seeding 47 torrents to that site. I had no reason or desire to use ratio master. Oh well I know that I did not. And would not have posted this trying to get there attention and get my account back.

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    This section is not here to send out accusations of what users did or did not do. It is here to give support to users who are requesting it. THIS IS NOT THE GENERAL BITTORRENT SECTION and there are stickies which clearly state what the posting expectations are for this section.

    The unhelpful nonsense has been removed.

    Either help members by giving the support they have specifically requested or DON'T POST. It's that simple.
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