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Thread: Comprehensive File Sharing - a single program

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on these forums. My background includes absolutely no knowledge of computer programming, but knowledgeable enough of computers.

    My question is a very general one regarding the possibility of making a light-as-possible client that can simultaneously search usenet, torrents, ed2k, gnutella, etc., and download directly without having to deal with the nzb or torrent files manually.

    Furthermore, I have this question--I am not sure how to upload to usenet anonymously-as-possible--but would it be possible to, upon making this comprehensive search and download program, have a setting that would allow automatic and relatively anonymous uploading to usenet without creating unnecessary clutter on usenet by allowing for some sort of detection as to whether or not the file has already been posted in some form?

    My reasoning here is that usenet is obviously the fastest download source, yet lacks the huge variety of the other networks. Basically the goal would be to consolidate searching/downloading and thus speeding up the process of getting the files you want, as well as giving laymen access with little learning curve--And also, to infiltrate usenet with the variety of torrents and ed2k without cluttering it up even worse than it already is.

    I hope this doesn't seem stupid--just kind of surprised no such program exists.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by branlr View Post
    I hope this doesn't seem stupid--just kind of surprised no such program exists.
    This is what programs like Shareaza tried to do.
    For some reason they are unpopular with the purists.

    I guess it's like an alarm clock that can also make coffee. It sort of works, but there are better alarm clocks out there, and there are also better coffee-makers out there...

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    It works pretty much the same way like Kazaa, Napster and some other more famous counterparts. The one big difference for Morpheus, It searches other file sharing networks. It’s truly a genius design.

    Now that the recording industry is striking back at a lot of the major file sharing sites, their music catalogs are not as large as they once were.
    SEE M0RE

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    dunno about that idea. cause most people do not roll with all those methods of getting files. Most people know what they want and they know the best source for it. Searching multiple sources might cause a bloated results page and take up more time.

    a person who uses ddl and limewire for porn all day might not want to bother waiting for soulseek to search for stuff.

    a person who torrents games all day might not care about results from limewire or ares.


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