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Thread: Fanimatrix

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    Fanimatrix-run program is a new fan film from new zealand in my opinion is the best fan film i've ever seen considering it was all shot with a digital camera.

    "The Fanimatrix" is a fan-made, zero-budget short film set within the Matrix universe, specifically shortly before the discovery of "The One" (i.e. the first "Matrix" feature film). It tells the story of two rebels - Dante and Medusa - and of their fateful mission onto the virtual reality prison world that is The Matrix.

    The film was shot on the Sony Mini-Digital Video format and edited on a PC editing suite utilizing Adobe Premiere, After FX and AlamDV Special FX. The entire production was completed over nine nights, ranging from six to over fifteen hour shoots, not including rehearsal and blocking-tape-shooting sessions. Most of the props, sets and lighting equipment was borrowed and locations were either hired or shot guerilla style. Although the film was a "zero budget" production, the final cost of the movie (combining personal expenses of cast and crew such as investment into costumes, transport costs, food etc) has reached upto approximately $1000 NZ (or $400-$600 US). The movie was shot entirely within Auckland City, New Zealand (our home).

    you can download the 16min full film here


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    I checked it out it was decent especially for what they spent on it. Another fanfilm i guess you could call it is batman dead end I would definitely suggest downloading this to any comic fans or even fans of predator.

    *edit* you can download it HERE


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