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Thread: Technical Question For P2P architecture

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    In a p2p network like bit torrent, the will be a probability that a node will be a super peer. And a finger table will be kept.

    So my question is: Whats the relationship between those 2 components in terms of finding a peer using the super peer.

    Will a higher probability of super peer increase my search for a node?

    Or by lowering the probability of super peer and increasing the finger table is more efficient in finding a node in this p2p network.

    whats the relationship between probability of super peer and size of finger table?

    Any idea?

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    Not all p2p is the same or even close to the same. It might be better if you mention what protocol you're talking about.

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    Chords in a CAN network.

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    i am new here. thanks for all comment

    fleurs de bach


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