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Thread: setting up a posting server

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    I've thought about setting up a posting server, racing certain categories of scene releases from scene torrent sites to usenet.

    So I would be downloading torrents on auto mirc scripts, seeding them to limits just over 1.0, then hopefully have some automatic script to post them to usenet.

    I know there are people who do this already, but I'm hoping to "compete" with x264 movies and/or maybe DVDRs.

    I'm sure I'll need a pretty powerful server, not some tiny kimsufi, but what kind of specs would I need? Bandwidth is expensive, so maybe a highend OVH unlimited dedi or just limit my posting through scripts so I could stay within a decent bandwidth limit.

    What posting program would be best? What kind of scripts would be needed and where to get them (I cannot write them myself)?

    Side note: how would you folks feel about an HD only nzb site that was similar to #a.b.hdtv.x264, but was web-based to attract more users?
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    I have been looking for similar scripts myself(i have tried to google, but without results). Just like the original poster, i hope to find a script that works together with my torrent client or ftp client and auto par2 and maybe rar if needed... after that posts the release in a pre-chosen group.

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    Ya ever think about trying to ask at EFNET?


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