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    Why does trillian come up with an error when i open it up? I am using Win2k.
    it says something like:

    Trillian.exe has generated erros. this program will now be closed. [ok] button

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    Are you missing a DLL or requirments?

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    maybe. i d/l the install from kazaa. but then when i got the 0.74 from their website it did the same thing.

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    Check the AppName if you can - If it says "yahoo.dll", then you're suffering from the Yahoo! bug as well.

    Unfortunately, bar waiting for the patch, there's nothing you can do to stop it from happening. You can tell Trillian not to open the Yahoo network at the start, but with the error you'd need to edit an INI file.

    Check out the Trillian site ( for the details on what to do.


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