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Thread: Xirvik: We're hiring!

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    We ( are looking to hire someone to help us with the social part of the business. Can't think of a better place to look than here, so here's what we are looking for:

    - High social skills in internet (IRC, forums, etc)
    - The point is to make friends and make ourselves known. No spam. Not being annoying. Not being kicked out from places :-)
    - Obviously since seedboxes are our main business he/she must know all there is to know about torrents... please don't apply if you are just starting. We will ask you for proof that you are a member in a few good sites.
    - No technical skills needed, that's handled by other members of the team.
    - Must speak English perfectly, with no grammar or spelling errors. Other languages are a plus.

    This is a casual job, 1 hour or so a day, to do from home, at any time convenient for the person. "or so" means that as long as your work shows you can distribute your time as you want; if you want to work more on the weekends and have some weekdays free or the other way around you can do it.

    Pay will be discussed with the candidates (feel free to submit your ideas :-) ).

    Whoever we hire WILL get a dedicated server - he/she is expected to use and test it (will be one of our test servers), and report anything that needs reporting.

    We will pay via paypal or moneybookers.

    OK, that's it - PM us here, or email at

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    don't know where
    you need a first line supporter or payment supporter?

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    Suggests to me that they are looking for someone who is a member in most of the sought after trackers to promote their seedboxes there.

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    Ghurka: Nope, people in those trackers already have seedboxes. It's likely selling ice in the north pole.

    Also, we are not looking for anyone to deal with support, or payments - we do that.

    We don't want someone to just say 'go get xirvik!' whenever there's a chance. That would be very annoying.

    We need someone to hang in the right places, make friends, and if/when there's an unforced chance to talk about seedboxes, or xirvik, do so.

    Bringing news about the torrent scene, what the competition is doing, etc, would also be appreciated.

    So basically, whoever we hire gets paid for doing whatever they are likely to be doing already for fun, except that the ultimate goal is to make xirvik a little more well known.

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    sounds great. but i dun spend much time chatting on IRC with strangers..
    otherwise, i would have joined..

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    An update: We are going through all PMs and emails. If we didn't answer is because we are still in the hiring process - do please don't get pissed, we want to do this carefully since we are looking for a long term relationship.


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