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Thread: PTM going to improve from ground up

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    I'm sure you've all read their new Anouncement?

    Looking for coders and webdesigners!
    Posted Aug-20-09 by Floxxx

    Hi all,

    As you might have noticed, development of our site has been pretty much non-existant in the last few months. Because we always want to improve your user-experience, i have decided that development of the site has to be picked up again.

    Because of the work involved in doing so, and the amount of time available to the people that have been developing up until now, i am looking for a few people to expand our development team.

    The idea is to rebuild the whole website from the ground, so there will be a lot of work to be done. I will need reliable people for this, who are willing to spend a lot of time re-developing.

    Before you get all exited, i will have to inform you that there will be NO compensation for your work in terms of money. The only thing you will get is everlasting gratitude from our staff and users, and a spot on the development team (which i will create a new userclass for).

    What are we looking for?

    - PHP / HTML / Javascript / AJAX coders

    You have enough experience with the foregoing scripting languages and MySQL. You know how to code Object Oriented, and can create proper and clean code. You have knowledge of optimizing code so resources can be cut down to a minimum.

    Experience with template-systems such as Smarty is a pre!

    - Webdesigners

    You know how to create user-friendly and profesionally looking displays. You know your way around programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and / or Fireworks. You have knowledge of the most used screen resolutions, and can make designs that will look good in almost any resolution.

    If you think you are qualified, and have time to spare, please contact me here with examples of you work (designs you made, websites you've built, code you've written), and i will take your application under advisement.

    Feel free to discuss here, but if you want to join us, make sure you apply by sending me a site-pm through the link above!

    Please take note: if you have nothing to show, do not bother contacting me. We currently run code that is almost completely custom made, and we will not share this code with just anyone.

    Edited 2009-08-20 04:30:03 by Floxxx

    Edited 2009-08-20 04:57:47 by Floxxx


    I've removed the links . Anyone here want to help improve it feel free to register and give us an update of the future improvements
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    Cool, good luck PTM.

    OP, are you a PTM admin or a bot by any chance?
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    Great for them. The site definitely could use an overhaul.

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    A simpler interface would be great.

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    Great news! I definitely agree with realityhd. Their current design is a bit hard to organize for me.


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