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Thread: Guideline to not get Ban from Xbox Live

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    First off, don't trust Batman Arkham Asylum XBOX360 RF-MM, I have a very bad fealing about this one,
    ABGX is a multi source verifing engine, and it takes multiply copies to make a verified game, 100% perfect...

    This guide was written by: H8MACHINE (a very nice admin, who knows what he's talking about)

    Source of the guide: NZBRUS Forum

    Hopefully he's ok with me sharing this well written information, so the source is another NZB site...sharing is caring right?

    If any experienced users at modding/flashing Xbox 360's, if you see any errors, please post them and I'll help
    keep this guide as UPDATED as possible, thanks!

    And thanks to H8MACHINE for this guide, because this question must be asked at least 10x a day!

    That's never a good sign for Microsoft

    No, I don't give technical support either , but I do know some of the stuff, coming from someone who doesn't have his flashed,
    but will soon, once I get another one to test with, but I've read countless forums and countless comments about flashing and Xbox's and whatnot

    This is the Guide written by not ME starting here:--->

    Not getting Ban from Live is quite simple but every year, a shit load of idiots acted retarded and ended up
    getting Ban. So this is how not to be a fuckin retard.

    1) Do not play leaks
    If a game is release 1 month before street date, thats a Ban magnet cause you're probably playing a promo copy.
    You want to play the game really bad, fine, create yourself an offline account that never go on Live. Even
    if you play disconnected from Live on your account, it will show on your gamercard and MS will see it as soon
    as you go on Live when it gets updated.

    2) Always check with abgx360
    Before burning the game, wait till it's in abgx360 database. abgx360 need 2 or 3 retail copies to add infos in
    the database. If the game hit internet 5 days before street date, there's a good chance it wont be in the
    database yet. abgx360 will say everything looks fine but it might not be. Lets take GI Joe for example.
    When the game was release, all seems the ISO again and you will notice that it will patch the stealth
    files with autofix.

    Alot of you might not know but this was a news on abgx360 site:

    Note: If you have recently AutoFixed "UFC 2009 Undisputed", "Red Faction: Guerilla" or "Up" using abgx360,
    it may have patched a corrupt DMI to your ISO. <---Ban Magnet

    Read the whole news of 2009/06/14 on

    3) Lattest iXtreme firmware
    Always have the lattest firmware in your 360. They dont get updated just for the fun of taking your 360 apart.

    4) You dont play multiplayer with that game, why go on Live?
    If you're playing a single player, why going on Live?? Doesnt make sense and you give more chance for MS to
    flag you. You want your friends at school to see you play games early?? That's how you get banned dumbass.
    Pulling out the ethernet cable out of your 360 dont need to be done by a rocket scientist, even the dumbest
    monkey on earth can do that...why dont you?

    Those guidelines are pretty easy to follow, that's how i survive 2 ban waves although i got ban in the first
    wave cause i was a fuckin retard Laughing out loud

    This is some stuff poeple will post, like

    "I played all leaks like fallout 3, i didnt get banned and i dont really care"

    Well good for you, you might not be as lucky next time. Let's take zookeeper525 (mod) for this example. He
    played like a retard with every leaked games logged on Live, he knew he was going to get ban and he said like
    several poeple "i dont really care". Well you know what, he do care, he miss playing on Live, alot. And he
    will probably start suckin cocks on street corners to get himself a new 360 to play Modern Warfare 2. Laughing
    out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

    90% of Bannies that say they dont care, thats Bullshit, they do care, they just wont admit they are retards
    to themselves.

    You will also hear:

    "If i get banned, i'll get myself another 360"

    Why the fuck you need to go that far. Hassle of selling the ban one, get the rest of the money to buy a new one,
    flash it...All this cause you wanted poeple to see how cool and leet you are by playing leaks...

    You wont know if you're flagged until it's too late, not going back on Live till the wave is over wont change
    anything, if you have been flagged, you're fucked. MS wont let you go for good behaviour Laughing out loud

    The next ban wave is set on November 16, through out the whole week. Now you're asking yourself why MS do that
    every year around the same time. Simple, Selling strategy to boost sales.

    Ban waves always occur before Thanksgiving (USA) and a major game release (Modern Warfare 2 for this year).
    For those who dont know, Thanksgiving is like Christmas for the Americans. Family comes home, brings
    gifts and shit. So if you're ban and you know all your cousins will be there, you want to play on Live with
    them...but you can't cause you're Ban so you will ask a new one. Can't get in time for Thanksgiving,
    no problem, Christmas is a month away.

    It's all about boosting the 360 sales that time of the year.

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    i live in california, and thanksgiving is not like christmas. there are virtually no presents, just food and family.

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    Yeah, Thanksgiving is nothing like Christmas, but the Friday afterward is Black Friday, because everyone amps up their Christmas shopping. That's why the ban wave is put into place around mid-November I'm guessing.

    I've never received nor heard of anyone receiving presents on Thanksgiving though.

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    Great! Ive been deciding on a console.. I wanted a 360 and mod it but I was afraid of getting banned.. Still am but this helps lol

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    "If i get banned, i'll get myself another 360"

    Why the fuck you need to go that far. Hassle of selling the ban one, get the rest of the money to buy a new one,
    flash it...All this cause you wanted poeple to see how cool and leet you are by playing leaks...
    Its cheaper to buy a new xbox and flash it. I have had 2 xbox banned, and I just bought another. Also I don't sell my xbox's, I use them for parts, as they are known to fail.

    3 games at $60 dollars per (or w.e there crazy prices are) is $180, which is the cost of a new xbox.
    If I burn 3 games, i have payed for a new xbox.
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    you can flash a new nand to your xbox 360 if you are banned. this will "un-ban" you. its not an easy process though.

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    when you get banned, doesn't it just ban the gamertag? or does it ban the serial # of the box? never was clear on that.

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    It CAN be your gametag that gets banned, but it's mostly the console itself getting banned.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    Great thread - finally got around to flashing my benq to lt - yay wave 4!

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    WOW i should of read this earlier i payed a 10 to get my console back online

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