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Thread: help with waffles

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    i cannot log into my power user account at waffles . i dunno what happened ? i was active just hours before the freeleech started . i tried resettin the password ! a confirmation email came to my mail but on clickin that it shows "error2" what does this mean ?? i did not do any thin wrong !!! and i was a member for 2 years !! i think. it was so quick ??
    i have no means to contact them !!! could some one help me out ???

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    Try contacting them and ask about whats going on.

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    but i cannot enter the channel !! it says that i must have a registered nick to join. idunno what to do !!!

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    Then register your nick on IRC. Type this: /msg nickserv register yourpassword youremail

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    thanks for the info !!! will look into it !!!


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