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Thread: Powercolor Ati And Ati

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    I'm looking at stuff on a website and i look at ati card right? So anyways i saw a ati radeon 9600pro 128mb $289 and a powercolor ati radeon 9600pro 256mb $255 so uhh that don't make no sense, the 256 is cheaper...?
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    Powercolor brand cards are less expensive than cards made by ATI themselves.

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    Compare memory speeds. Some cheaper cards use slower memory.
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    if you're obsessed with manufacturing quality and picture quality, stick with ATI/Sapphire. PowerColor cards are "decent," but ATI/Sapphire just use better parts and they have stricter quality-control.

    and lynx is right-- if a cheaper card has more memory, the memory is prolly actually slower and it will perform worse in games that don't require 256. i doubt that there are many games available that really benefit from 256 yet.

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    Yep, I have to agree with the regulars on that one. Every review I have read as of late has suggested that the 256mb cards are really more than is necessary. I am personally musing over another gfx card purchase, but still see no compelling reason (yet) to upgrade. I still have too much homework these days to invest in something as time consuming (not to mention fun&#33 as a new ATI 9800 Pro card... B)

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