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Thread: Pls help me with some info about

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    AFAIK it's a russian private tracker specialized in movies.I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know some more infomation about it.Also is there a chance for me to get in there by an invite? How does the invite system work? Do they open signups regularly?
    P.S: I'd like to donate to get in if that's possible.
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    atm it's probably the place where the R5's get released the fastest by P2P.
    they've closed invites on 24.06.09, but rumour has it that they'll give out invites to the site members sometime this autumn

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    OP your practically requesting for an invite in this section.

    /me buys 12 gauge shells for IdolEyes' shotgun

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    I am a n00b, but I'm not stupid. I know that it's not the right place to request invites, so pls don't get me wrong.
    I think that's all I this time. I really appreciate the helpful info you gave.. All the best!


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