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Thread: [Req] x264

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    Hey there folks. I am a new member on this forum but an old member when it comes to torrents. I've been around since the days of EliteTorrents and anyone who remembers those days remembers good days (the prerelease dvd copy of star wars movie; subsequent dea investigation). I have no become a connoiseur of quality and x264 seems to be the best format thus far.

    I bought a terabyte hd and will be hooking it up to my lcd for all the quality movie cinema experience one can handle. All I am asking for is an invite into x264 so I can become part of a growing community with quality movies. I am only on Waffles and will post a ratio proof of that site and a speedtest. If anyone is interested in offering me an invite please pm me and I will email me my email address. Thanks again!!

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    Maybe hide the user names in the screens. Post more

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    Drop me a PM with your email and I'll send you an invite.
    Although you should know that most of the material on x264 is SD (standard definition).

    If you want the best possible picture quality, you should be trying to socre an invite to some HD-tracker.


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