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Thread: Supertrick - Editing Hosts File

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    Wow .. I just read up on and installed SuperTrick. Pretty kewl. Before doing so, I edited the Hosts file to learn what was there and I also backed it up ... but SuperTrick backed it up for me too !! Very Nice.

    After installing SuperTrick ... I again edited the Hosts file to see what was changed. Another wow !! Tons of ad sites now on the ignore list. But alas, I realize this is an ongoing battle. The ad-noying folks can create new nuisance links faster than we can keep up with them. I see there are some update links available and that is kewl for sure.

    Then I noticed the beloved K++ homepage has this monster pop-up ad. So ... I right clicked on it and viewed properties to find >>

    Then, as an experiment, I edited the Hosts file adding the following >>

    Now when I go to >>

    I do NOT get the popup ad!!

    I've been fascinated by the P2P technology and am very greatful that this forum is available and to those contributing helpful tips.

    Now I am wondering about blocking the above ad. Doesn't it seem ironic that the site that provides the education for blocking the ads and the links to the ad blocking software also succumbs to its own financial demands and allows its site to be defaced with such?

    Hopefully some find this very simple example helpful. As for the example ad I chose to block ... I am at a loss for words.

    -- Thollie

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    not to spoil ur fun, yet its been posted HERE, discussed further HERE & HERE. Welcome aboard.

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    Thanks for the additional links and tips Nikita. You are light years ahead of me ... but I'm peddling my trike really fast !!

    One point I was trying to make and maybe was missed ... the k++ site has popup ads.

    Also, some of us still on 3 wheelers need some additional instruction. For example .. right clicking on a popup to find its "properties" ... so you know what to add to your hosts file. I didnt see this in any of the posted info ... but I often miss details.

    Here's a wish >> use of wild chars.

    Example >> one of the hosts files posted in the links has the following:
    Is there a way to use >> ph-ad****

    or >>

    or some other wild char specifier? Instead of having to list every single combination the ad groups create? Cutting it off as close to the head as possible is good advise when dealing with snakes.

    Another wish >> popunder elimination.

    Is there any valid use for a pupunder?

    Wouldnt it be nice to wild char eliminate all popunders?

    ghost944's point about a large host file slowing down the browser is very interesting. If wild cards could be used ... they might speed up this type of filtering by reducing the size of the host file.

    These above items are way beyond me at this time ... but I submit them for comments and critique ... this is how I learn !!!

    -- thollie


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