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Thread: Two Windows Installations...

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    Okay i've installed Windows 2K and Windows XP on the same HD. XP is my main OS but I wanna use some programs that i've installed in xp. How can u run the programs I installed in XP in WIN2K?

    Any help will be appreciated

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    normally i find installing the same prog/version once in one os then installing again from the second os into the same dirrectory as the originall works the prob is sometimes if you have a crack and even a legit serial sometimes you have to recrack/ renter the serial when you go from one os back to the other

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    What exus said is true, however I believe that there is some confusion here.

    How a dula boot owrks is by hiding one partition from the other, they cannot be aloud to see each other, so under normale circumstances (all to my knowledge) you cannot run a program installed under XP on the 2000 boot, w/o actually installin the program on the 2k boot as well. If everything is installed on a third partition, then you may be able to run the programs, but this is not recommended I do not think.

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